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Power Raking

Over the winter months, your lawn goes through many changes, one of which is the creation of a thatch layer which has the purpose of protecting your lawn’s new and healthy roots with a shield of older, less healthy turf. Our power rakes remove the recommended 40-60% of thatch. Not all brown grass is taken away because not all of it is dead. Too much dethatching is unhealthy for the lawn.

We will bag all of the thatch removed from your lawn and place them in decomposable garbage bags beside your home or beside your green bins. The City of Calgary will remove the bags on your garbage day if they are placed ONE FOOT AWAY from your green bin.

If you have any special requests for bag placement, or the city did not take them with your regular garbage (this may happen depending on the driver), please call us and we will come collect those bags from you.


We recommend an annual aeration for the health and maintenance of your lawn. During the process of aeration, cores are removed from your lawn and left on the surface. Some of the many benefits include:

  1. Relieved compaction which allows water to enter your turf in a more effective way rather than pooling in low spots.
  2. Increased lawn thickness from the decomposing ground cores which protect your lawn from weeds and disease.
  3. The empty core holes are now great areas for air to enter and further nourish your healthy turf. These areas are also great for seeding and fertilizations to take their full effect.


Our eco-friendly fertilizer is safe for your children and pets and is also made right here in Canada. It’s a rich blend comprised of Nitrogen and Potassium that slowly releases nutrients into your lawn over the course of two months. Pests and weeds won’t enjoy it but your lawn sure will!

PLEASE NOTE, if your pets have a tendency to eat grass, please keep them off the lawn for 48 hours after the application for extra precaution.

Weed Control:

We are certified in the Province of Alberta to provide safe and effective spot weed control treatments. This formula targets the weed without harming your grass, plants and flowers. Once the treatment has dried, it is safe for your children and pets to be on the turf. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for the product to completely dry. If it rains shortly after your treatment and a few days out you believe the effect has been dampened, please give us a call! We will return to make sure it is treated again.



Like all living things, grass has a life cycle. Old grass is replaced with new grass but sometimes additional seeding is what your lawn needs to remove patched areas and general thin turf. For a golf-like green lawn as thick as a carpet, we use a premium blend made in Canada and applied with care. For maximum effect it is combined with Aeration, which greatly helps the seed germination process.

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