Summer, Spring Fall and Winter!

Lawn Care Services

We offer complete lawn care services including power raking, aeration, fertilizer, weed control, and overseeding. 

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

We offer commercial mowing, fertilizing and weed control packages to keep the lawn looking green all season long.

Fall Cleanups

We get it, you don’t like picking up leaves. We do! Once all of the leaves have fallen off your tree, we come by and do a leaf blowout and vacuum of your lawn and beds. We utilize your green bin to its full capacity and put any additional bags beside your bin. We cannot get every single leaf, but you can expect the bulk to be collected and bagged.

Mulch Top Offs and Rock Gardens

Our eco-friendly fertilizer is safe for your children and pets and is also made right here in Canada. It’s a rich blend comprised of Nitrogen and Potassium that slowly releases nutrients into your lawn over the course of two months. Pests and weeds won’t enjoy it but your lawn sure will!

PLEASE NOTE, if your pets have a tendency to eat grass, please keep them off the lawn for 48 hours after the application for extra precaution.


Winter Services

Yard Dawgs Ltd. provides snow and ice management for commercial and residential properties in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our goal is to keep you, your valued customers and your loved ones safe from injury. We take all the guess work out of snow removal and provide you with affordable, hassle-free and reliable snow removal service.

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